AIC Technologies started in the USA in Illinois in 1997, and has been at the forefront of technology since then. At AIC, we  focus on building lasting business relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves in the amazing results we have achieved by  helping businesses from across the industry to focus on their business goals because we contribute to the reduction of IT spend and time.  As  a full service Information Technology company,  AIC delivers the best in breed telecommunications, IT networking  and software services from for all sizes of enterprises.

AIC deploys specialised teams with superior technical, operations and engineering expertise, focused on supporting key business challenges and technology applications. We also have expertise in Construction and Education IT.

AIC Technologies, USA

Chicago, IL is is the 3rd largest city in the US. AIC Technologies, USA started as a family business and grew to expand its service offering and delivery capabilities to include multinational and large enterprise. The company has grown into a respected player in the ICT industry with it’s first international operation being launched as far back as 2001.

Ghana, Africa

AIC diverged into the Ghana in 2000, was incorporated as a Business Systems Automation and Telecommunications Engineering Services firm, extending its US core competencies on Converged Networks into Ghana. The Ghana market called for an integrated point of responsibility matched with on-line and on-site product support. The transitioning of Ghana’s information technology requirements propagated AIC to add an IP Telephony bouquet of services.  It’s first contract worth R3 million, was awarded to AIC in October 2001 by Unilever. Visit us at https://aictechnologies.com.gh