AIC Partnership with OTA

OTA LLC is a company focused on providing disruptive patented solutions that positively impact society. OTA is dedicated to developing and marketing unique patent properties and innovating disruptive technologies that have a positive societal impact. Their areas of innovation encompass a wide range of fields including electric motors, robotics, pneumatics, music & sound, prosthetics, and energy usage.

Affiliation with AIC Technologies: OTA LLC collaborates with AIC Technologies to leverage their innovative solutions and patented technologies in various tech-driven projects. This partnership enhances both companies’ capabilities by combining OTA’s patented innovations with AIC’s expertise in transcription and translation services, thereby providing advanced and comprehensive technological solutions. This synergy allows both companies to expand their offerings and impact across different sectors.

For more information, you can visit OTA LLC’s official website.

  • Date: 06/02/2024
  • Client: Community
  • Category:
  • Value: R500 000