AIC Sets Up CISCO Academy in Ghana

Through it’s partner, Mobile Web Ghana, AIC recently set up CISCO Academy centre. Mobile Web Ghana is a non-government organisation that implements ICT4  Development projects in Ghana, and runs an innovation hub and specialises in building the technology capacity of the next generation to solve local problem and contribute effectively to development of the country.

In the past they built the capacity of up to 600 students in mobile apps development, entrepreneurship and data analysis and visualisations. Requests from students and other professionals for CISCO courses, an initiative was formalized to
build the capacity of the youth in technology to solve problems, to perfectly align with CISCO’s mission. The support from CISCO empowered the project to bridge the technology knowledge gap of students and professionals to contribute meaningfully to development of the nation.

STEM subjects have become a priority in education as public and private sector jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math continue to rise, and the existing gender and ethnic disparities in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields underscore the need for outreach programs to help engage young women and underserved minorities in such areas. AIC’s goals for 2017 requires our programs to increase the numbers of underrepresented students who seek out and develop technology skill sets that might not be reached in traditional educational settings.

AIC is expanding in Africa in partnership with Cisco, which is the largest networking company in the world. With the support of Cisco AIC is already sponsoring Sub Saharan Africa Universities and non-profit organizations to become local Cisco Academies.

Our GTM strategy is to first offer free online Cisco IoT courses as an introduction to the Cisco Academy learning platform.  The free course available to your students are NDG Linux, Introduction to cyber security, Mobility fundamentals, Entrepreneurship and IoE.

These courses are made possible through the support of AIC Technologies and are taught by our own experienced and Cisco approved instructors.