AIC is involved in various corporate social investment project, the most recent being the IoT training that AIC and it’s partners identify prospective students from various previously disadvantaged communities to put them through the Internet of Things and other similar training. Some of these course are valued at over R50 000 per student.

Hundreds of students have to-date received this instructor led training and AIC hopes that this will create opportunities for them to find employment or a  foundation for them to study further.

AIC Partners with TBI

AIC has partnered with TBI, a leading third-party technology distributor who has earned its reputation by building long-standing, valuable relationships with providers and partners. TBI’s experience allows us to recognize customer needs and connect partners with the best solutions. Save time and money by working with a technology distributor that not only has an extensive portfolio of solutions, but the knowledge to tackle business challenges. AIC is able to simplify the sales process and streamline sourcing and advising on the right solutions,  training and marketing, tracking commissions and troubleshooting.

This partnership allows us to offer the industry’s only vendor-agnostic training program called through University of TBI. Access educational marketing materials on today’s most in-demand IT solutions and for expertise on the products and services customers need to operate at maximum efficiency.

Fihankra Community Project

The Fihankra Community Project has hired AIC Technologies, Inc. (AIC), to develop a business case detailing the cost to build an intelligent neighbourhood.  AIC is a telecommunications and information technology firm that specializes in the design and build of high speed board band networks.

The project is to build a high-speed broadband network throughout the entire community. The cost of Smart Technology , that is, structured wiring, appliances, security, etc.,  will be considered in the retail purchase of the home.